PP コルゲート板

  • 導電素材

Item : 導電素材


製品用途 :

Color : Black
Denension : 200 cm * 182 cm (お客さんは特注できる)
Thickness : 3 mm ; 5 mm
Impedance value : 10 3 -10 5 Ω OHM/SQ

製品用途 :

To apply in industry, conduction box , conduction underlay, separator.

Conductive,acid and alkali-resistance , non-spontaneous combustion, impact-resistant,

light quality, cost reduction of the mold ,multiplicity functional, delivery soon.

It's suitable for a small amount of various products and quantity producing.

It's also suitable for various kinds of industries.

Suitable for various kinds of industries, such as:

Motherboard, Semiconductor, Color Filter,Transfer container, Wafer Foundry...etc.